Manual for iPhone

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How do I adjust the ISO or shutter?
Hold your finger down and pan the list up or down, release when you have your selection.
How do I switch back to automatic ISO and shutter?
Tap the A next to ISO to toggle between automatic and manual.
Why can't I use exposure bracketing?
Exposure bracketing is only available when using automatic ISO and shutter.
My camera is showing nothing! What did you do?
You may have denied our app access to your camera on first launch, you can rectify that in > Privacy. Same with Photos access.
You won't let me change the aperture, whats up with that, bro?
iPhone lenses are all built fixed Aperture by design, it does not have an adjustable iris. Sorry bro, would if we could.
Where do the photos save?
Your Camera Roll in, exactly the same as the default Camera app. You can quickly view photos you've taken by tapping the thumbnail in the bottom left.
Can I save in higher quality formats?
All image saving is handled by the OS, and sadly it doesn't offer any choices other than JPEG. Our photos are saved the same as if they were shot with
Do you support landscape orientations?
Yeah dude.
I dropped my phone
Fuck, that sucks.
Can you buy me a new one? I was using your app at the time.
Come on man..
Hahaha, jk this is Dennis just messing with you man.
Hahah oh man, Dennis, you really can't keep frequently asking me stuff like this. You're too much, man. Hope Katie and the kids are well, see you at Thanksgiving.

Be better than automatic. Shoot Manual.

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